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G Suite is a service that is available on the monthly payment OR annual payment basis. To sign up and pay for G suite there are three fundamental requirements:

1. Your company/business’ internet domain name: Your company’s domain name will serve as your company’s email address extension i.e. [email protected] inside G Suite. So make sure you have access to your company’s domain name. If your company does not have a domain name, you will need to buy one. You can buy a domain yourself from here or during the sign-up process of G Suite.

2. Your username: Your username will be attached to your company’s email extension i.e. [email protected] inside G Suite. That’s why it’s recommended that you keep your username the same as your real name.

3. Your secondary email address: Your secondary email address i.e. [email protected] will help you recover your G Suite account in case you forget your account password, or in case Google needs to reach out to you personally regarding your G Suite account.

If you already hold above-mentioned things, you can start signing up for a G Suite account by contacting NEXELT DIGITAL PVT LTD +91 8128671233 , [email protected]

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It offers 14 Days Free Trial after that G Suite is a paid Google Service.

G Suite is a payable service of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) offered by Google where subscriber needs to pay a monthly or annual fee.

There are three plans for G suite editions a business can subscribe to:

  • Basic
  • Business
  • Enterprise.

You can check out the details with Nexelt Digital on +91 81286 71233

Note:- Every G suite plan includes a free 14-day trial, after which a business can cancel their G suite subscription or continue by choosing one of the above plans.

Details of the G suite plans are as under:-

BASIC PLAN – ₹ 210 per month per/ user OR ₹ 2,520 per year per user.

BUSINESS PLAN – ₹ 714 per month/user.

ENTERPRISE PLAN – ₹ 1650 month/user.

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G Suite is a collection of products like G mail, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Google Calendar, Google Talk and many more applications which we use in our daily life. This assortment of programmes is an enterprise based that can help you reorganize your business. One’s using G suite can modernist their communication, create and work on projects, store their data and manage their entire workplace on one go.
NEXELT DIGITAL PVT LTD +91 81286 71233 is Authorized G Suite Partner

G suite creates a single platform for communication and collaboration among team members inside a company or business, facilitating them to become faster and more efficient on their work which can ultimately lead to more productive employees that can boost the growth of an enterprise. G Suite is a service based on a cloud network, so all the data of an organisation is stored in the cloud i.e. Google’s remote servers around the world.

G Suite has very easy accessibility, G suite App user should have a web browser and a stable internet connection. As every single G suite app operates on the web and is accessible through a web browser. This allows a business to access their data inside G suite from whichever device they want no matter where they are around the world.

G Suite user is recommended to use Google Chrome web browser as it is compatible with all G suite’s Features. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work on other browsers such as Firefox, Microsoft Edge and other browsers. But theirs one catch using one of the users of this browser wouldn’t be able to get offline access to G suite apps and won’t be able to enable email notifications. But that said enterprises can use the apps within G suite in any web browser to create professional email addresses, work on documents and spreadsheets, manage multiple calendars and much more

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