Boosting Sales and Reach: Nexelt Digital's Successful PPC Campaign for Siddhi Safe


In the competitive world of digital marketing, creating effective campaigns that drive tangible results is crucial. This case study highlights how Nexelt Digital, in collaboration with Siddhi Safe, successfully managed a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, significantly expanding Siddhi Safe’s audience reach and generating valuable leads for their safe, digital locker, and vault manufacturing business based in Gujarat.

Client Background

Siddhi Safe, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality safes, digital lockers, and vaults, has been providing secure storage solutions to individuals and businesses in Gujarat for several years. However, they recognized the need to expand their reach to a wider audience.


Siddhi Safe faced several challenges prior to partnering with Nexelt Digital:

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Nexelt Digital devised a comprehensive PPC campaign strategy to address Siddhi Safe’s challenges.
The approach included:


The impact of Nexelt Digital’s PPC campaign for Siddhi Safe was transformative:

Audience Reach Expansion

Siddhi Safe's online presence significantly expanded beyond Gujarat, reaching a national and even international audience interested in secure storage solutions.

Lead Generation

The campaign generated a consistent flow of high-quality leads, including individuals, businesses, and institutions seeking safes, digital lockers, and vaults.

Sales Growth

Siddhi Safe experienced a substantial increase in sales and revenue, exceeding their expectations and setting new records.


Nexelt Digital’s expertise and meticulous approach to managing Siddhi Safe’s PPC campaign proved instrumental in Siddhi Safe’s remarkable growth, enhanced reach, and increased sales.