WhatsApp Business API Services

A Powerful Business Messaging Channel
Send Notifications & Updates to your users for everything Engage with Whatsapp A.I. Chatbots with Easy Human Transfer

Broadcast Messages & turn them into Conversations

We are all about customized solutions and, since we root for authenticity at all times, it is mandatory forUsers are not opening your Marketing Emails and SMS, We know how it feels!

Broadcast Notifications on Whatsapp for Payment reminders, Event updates, Application Drop-offs, Abandoned Cart easily using our Smart Campaign Manager

Whatsapp has an Average open rate of 93% and Click through rates upto 57%
πŸ’‘ Isn’t that Boombastic?

Suwasthi – An E-commerce Store boosted their Daily Orders by 2.5X by sending Notifications using the AiSensy Platform us to learn about you and your business. Our team would get in words with you and gather as much information as possible, depending upon the services you require- to derive best of the outcomes.

Get your Smart A.I. Whatsapp Assistant to Engage 24 x 7

Only a person with 16 Hands and 8 eyes can answer all customer queries Day and Night!

Since 80% of your incoming queries are the same, their answers can be easily automated using Smart A.I. Whatsapp Chatbot

Connect No Code Chatbots from Google Dialogflow to the AiSensy Platform and Get going Instantly

(No Worries, We have Pre-Made Templates for you!)

Chat, Broadcast & Track with Ease

πŸ’¬ Monitor and Intervene Conversations Easily

πŸ“£ Broadcast Campaigns with Smart Audiences

πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» Multiple πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ’»Agents on One Whatsapp Number

πŸ”— Connect Your APIs and Shoot Campaigns

πŸš€ Track Campaigns in Real Time

Whatsapp Business API

Get your Official Whatsapp Business API within 24hrs!

AiSensy Platform is built on the top for Official Whatsapp Business API, Hence saving all your integration costs and giving you excellent ways to interact with your customers via Whatsapp

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