Maheshwari Tea


Maheshvari Tea started with an aim to give it’s customers a mesmerizing tea-having experience with it’s best quality product. Inspite of it’s customer-satisfying product, it lacked in giving itself a place in the market. It had to somehow make itself known in the tea industry to let the people trust the name and buy the product. The challenge was this and Nexelt had to start putting efforts to gift Maheshvari a brand value.


The primary tast that our team considered was making it’s website an interesting and attractive place for the viewers. Our designers’ creative ideas brought forward an eye-catching, creative and responsive website that was previously not.


As a result of our team effort, there seemed to be an upliftment in the number of website viewers. The improved responsiveness of the website made it easier to get an increased mobile traffic and views. This thereby enhanced it’s brand value on digital platforms.