How a Safe & Locker Manufacturing company Skyrocketed Sales with Nexelt Digital's Cutting-Edge Lead Generation Campaign


Siddhi Safe, a prominent manufacturer based in Gujarat, specializes in producing safes, digital lockers, and vaults. Operating in the security industry, Siddhi Safe focuses on delivering high-quality products to its customers.

Despite their reputation for reliability, Siddhi Safe encountered a common challenge faced by businesses in their industry: reaching a wider audience and generating sufficient leads. As demand for security solutions grew, Siddhi Safe realized the need to expand their reach and attract more potential customers to fuel their sales pipeline.

To overcome this hurdle, Siddhi Safe sought out a solution to enhance their lead generation efforts. They recognized the importance of reaching the right audience with targeted marketing strategies to drive business growth in a competitive market landscape.

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The Chanllenge

The primary challenge faced by Siddhi Safe was the limited reach and effectiveness of their lead generation efforts. This challenge directly impacted their business operations by hindering their ability to attract new customers and expand their sales pipeline. 

Despite offering high-quality security products, Siddhi Safe struggled to connect with a wider audience, resulting in missed opportunities for growth. 

The urgency of resolving this issue was underscored by the increasing demand for security solutions and the competitive nature of the industry, necessitating a swift and effective solution to bolster their lead generation efforts and sustain business growth.

Solution and Implementation

The solution provided to Siddhi Safe by Nexelt Digital was a comprehensive lead generation campaign tailored to the client’s specific needs and industry. Leveraging their expertise in digital marketing, Nexelt Digital employed a range of services, including targeted advertising and lead generation campaigns, to reach Siddhi Safe’s desired audience effectively.

Nexelt Digital’s approach involved meticulous audience targeting and the creation of compelling ad creatives designed to resonate with Siddhi Safe’s potential customers. By focusing on platforms where Siddhi Safe’s target audience was most active, such as social media and industry-specific websites, Nexelt Digital ensured maximum visibility and engagement.

One unique strategy employed by Nexelt Digital was the implementation of data-driven insights to refine the campaign in real-time. By analyzing metrics such as click-through rates and conversion rates, Nexelt Digital continuously optimized the campaign to maximize its effectiveness and drive better results for Siddhi Safe.

This solution was the best fit for Siddhi Safe’s needs because it addressed their specific challenge of expanding their reach and generating quality leads. Nexelt Digital’s expertise in digital marketing, coupled with their tailored approach and data-driven strategies, provided Siddhi Safe with a solution that not only met their immediate needs but also positioned them for long-term success in a competitive market landscape.


After implementing Nexelt Digital’s solution, Siddhi Safe experienced a significant increase in daily leads, surpassing 40+ leads consistently. 

These leads were not only numerous but also highly relevant, resulting in a noticeable uptick in sales for Siddhi Safe. The influx of qualified leads directly addressed the initial challenge of limited reach and effectiveness in lead generation efforts. 

By surpassing their lead generation targets and boosting sales, Siddhi Safe successfully overcame their previous obstacles and achieved tangible business growth.


40+ Daily Leads

10x Revenue

Sales Growth


In conclusion, Siddhi Safe’s collaboration with Nexelt Digital resulted in remarkable achievements in lead generation and sales growth. By implementing a targeted PPC ad campaign, Siddhi Safe exceeded their lead generation goals and experienced a significant increase in sales.

This success underscores the importance of strategic digital marketing solutions in overcoming business challenges and achieving tangible results.

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