Facebook doesn’t need any introduction to anyone. It played a huge role in defining this digital age. The social media giant has been at the top of the ladder in terms of revenue, active users and content for quite a few years now. A big part of Facebook’s revenue comes from the ads it runs on its social media platform. Utilising its presence all over the world and users of all genders, ages & preferences, Facebook gave marketers a great option to promote and advertise to their target audience easily.

Marketing on Facebook is quite easy with 3 three major tools available. But we will still give a helping hand in understanding the different options Facebook offers for marketers and advertisers.

Marketing on Facebook is inevitable in today’s cut-throat market. Every brand and company has to have a strong presence on Facebook to engage with customers and future customers. And the marketing options we discussed above give these brands feasible ways to engage users and share information to grow their businesses.

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